My life-long passion is airplane models, so I always had very close to the wood. It’s my favorite material since ever, however, I Iove other materials as well. Especially materials such as plexiglass, aluminum and currently brass. I love discovering the possibilities of the materials I work with. It’s always a new challenge.

As many of you know, my name is Martin and today I’d love to introduce you our little family business. It all begin when I used to study ballet at the conservatory, where I met my wife. Her nickname was "von Hanke" and since then we are together for 27 years. 

My wife loves jewelry. During many years, she had so many jewels, that she had no place where to store them. She asked me if I could make her some jewelry stand. So I did. A lot of people in our neighborhood started to ask her where she gets this stand. She told everybody it was me who made it. More and more people started to want a similar stand so I set up an account on one czech marketplace where I started selling it in many variabilities. 

As the years go by, I started to make luxury pens, seals and branding irons. I left my regular job and decide to make a living from my hobby. In 2015 I set up an account at and today I have there more than 2k sales. Thank you all. Thanks to you I can fulfill all my dreams.