The product is primarily intended for branding soft and hard wood. Nevertheless, it can be also used for leather, paper, cardboard and

plastic if the temperature is set correctly.

After you recieve your parcel check the product if it's all right. In a case there are

any mechanical damages occurred during the transport, don't use the branding iron and contact me first.

I produce three types of branding irons:

1) Branding iron without heating – this type must be heated externally by a gas burner. Heat the branding iron evenly over

the entire surface, preferably from its rear side. The heating time until the correct temperature is reached depends on the

brass head overall size and the gas burner performance.

2) Branding iron with electric heating – insert the branding iron in the supplied stand and connect it to the power supply. If there

is a switch on the heating, turn it on (the power-on state is indicated by the red light which turns on). The heating time

depends on the brass head size and the heating performance.

3) Branding iron with electric heating and electric performance regulator – the same instructions as in the point number 2

  • The temperature setting by the regulator: The electric performance is set by the rotary element on 0–100%. The regulator sets the electric performance of the heating coil and it doesn't measure the temperature of the brass head. I recommend to set the performance on 100% for the first heating and to reduce the performance for maintaining the temperature after the optimal temperature is reached. The performance change will not affect the brass head immediately due the thermal inertia.
  • All branding irons are tested before they are sent to a customer and therefore there can be sings of heating. Smoke may appear when the heating is turned on for the first time. It's perfectly normal because remnants of preservatives are burned. There will be no smoke when you used it next time.
  • To secure correct functioning, branded wood must be clean and smooth without any surface finish.
  • When you are branding, adapt the brass plate temperature to the material which you are going to brand / on which you are going to print. At first, try the optimal setting on the rest of the material.
  • Keep the brass head clean. Let the brass head cool down before cleaning and dismantle it from the electric heating! Do not use cleaners with abrasives for cleaning. I recommend a liquid cleaner for glass ceramic hobs and a soft brush with plastic bristles (a tooth brush is appropriate). After cleaning rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Something abour temperature:

The brass burning head cannot exceed a temperature of 500°C (932°F).

  • The recommended temperature for wood branding is 270 °C.
  • The product is not a toy, keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Use the supplied stainless steel stand to put away a hot branding iron. It is ready for use after the middle part is bent up.
  • Once heated to the optimal temperature, disconnect the device from the electrical networks or turn the gas burner off.
  • Do not leave the heating turned on permanently!
  • We recommend using the Laser IR Infrared Digital Temperature Thermometer and check its temperature regularly.
  • Use protective gloves. There is a risk of getting burned.
  • Never leave the device unattended.
  • Use a non-flammable work mat.

If the instructions are not followed, we have no responsibility for any possible damages caused to property or health injuries.

Video instructions branding iron.